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Ziegler Appointed CAS Secretary and Treasurer

TORONTO, On.—The CAS Board of Directors appointed CAS Executive Director Cynthia Ziegler as the association’s secretary and treasurer at its meeting here in September 2010.During a vote held in conjunction with the 2010 CAS elections, 89% of Fellows approved revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws clarifying that the chief staff executive (the executive director) is an officer of the Society and that an officer will henceforth be designated by the CAS Board to serve as secretary and treasurer.

While the language allows for flexibility about whom can serve as secretary and treasurer, it was the board’s intent to appoint the chief staff executive to serve in those roles.

In 2006, the CAS Fellows approved a set of changes to the Constitution and Bylaws that described the duties of the chief staff executive as they relate to record keeping and financial matters, the common roles of a secretary and treasurer. However, specific references to the secretary and treasurer were removed at that time, and the chief staff executive was not designated as an officer of the CAS. Since there are times when the organization needs an officer to legally fulfill the duties of a secretary or treasurer, Fellows were asked to approve changes to the Constitution and Bylaws to clarify the situation.

“The best approach to association management is one in which the volunteer leadership partners with the paid professional staff to carry out the mission and goals of the organization,” said Ms. Ziegler. “Together we serve as partners in leading the organization forward. In addition to recognizing what currently exists in practice, being identified as an officer and appointed as secretary and treasurer is an acknowledgement of the value of the member-staff partnership.”

CAS Executive Director since 2001, Ms. Ziegler has over 20 years’ experience with four non-profit organizations, all within the property-casualty insurance discipline. In addition to the CAS, she has worked for the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, the Professional Insurance Agents of New England, and the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters.

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