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New UCAS Sessions Available

The University of CAS (UCAS) offers recorded sessions that were presented at CAS meetings and seminars. The recordings, which feature audio synched with PowerPoint presentations, are made available online through an easy-to-use interface. New sessions have recently been made available through UCAS.

Sessions from the 2010 Spring Meeting include:   

  • Economic Capital Models
  • Insurance Cycles: Are They Predictable?
  • Marrying Underwriter Intuition and Predictive Analytics—A Workers Compensation Perspective
  • Proposed New CAS Continuing Education Policy*
  • The CAS and You: A Resource for New Leaders*
  • The Secret Language of Influence—Your Passport to Powerful Persuasion
  • An Introduction to Monte Carlo Markov Chain (MCMC) Methods for Bayesian Analysis
  • Workers Compensation Loss Development Tail
  • Applying ERM and Capital Modeling Principles to the CAS
  • Balancing Rate Competitiveness and Rate Stability with Rating Tiers—A Case Study for Personal Auto Insurance

* These sessions are available at no cost to all CAS members, not just those who attended the Spring Meeting.      

Sessions from the 2010 Reinsurance Seminar include:

  • Impact of the Health Care Reform on Medical Professional Liability Insurance
  • Impact of Trend and Inflation on (Re)insurance
  • Ocean Marine and Offshore Energy Pricing—Overview and Current Issues
  • Quantifying Operational Risk
  • The Uncertain Future of Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Commutations—What’s in it for the Cedent?
  • Does Casualty History Repeat Itself? Emerging Risks and Casualty Insurance
  • Farmowners Reinsurance Pricing Issues
  • Financial Crisis—Technical Look Back

In addition, sessions are available from the 2009 Underwriting Cycle Seminar, 2009 Annual Meeting, 2010 Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar, recent Webinars, and other events.

Access to sessions is free for event attendees. This extends the value of event registration by allowing attendees to benefit from sessions they were not able to attend on-site. Access by individuals who did not attend these events can be purchased for $25 per session or $149 for all of the sessions.

Visit the University of CAS to learn more. At UCAS, education is just a click away!

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