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CAS Honors Outstanding Volunteers

Celebrating the spirit of volunteerism, five outstanding CAS volunteers were recognized during the 2009 Annual Meeting in Boston. Jacqueline Friedland, Gary Dean, and John Gleba were announced as winners of the Above and Beyond Achievement Award, and Gary Patrik and David Hafling were honored as recipients of the Matthew Rodermund Service Award.

Going Above and Beyond
Each year more than a third of CAS members participate as volunteers, and among them are individuals who contribute far more than is expected of a typical CAS volunteer. Since such efforts are usually not well-known to the vast majority of CAS members, the Above and Beyond Achievement Award was created.   

Ms. Friedland was recognized for going “above and beyond” with her contributions to the Quinquennial Membership Survey Task Force, which was formed to conduct the CAS membership survey in 2008. She authored a section of the report on the survey results prepared for the CAS Board of Directors and edited the entire report. She also found a creative way to transform thousands of written comments into meaningful information, and she did this while contributing as a volunteer in other areas of the CAS, such as the Syllabus Committee, and Education Policy Committee.

Mr. Dean was recognized for his work on the CAS’s refereed journal, Variance. During his three-year term as editor in chief of the journal, he overcame many challenges involved in launching a major new journal, while also chairing the Investment Committee.

Mr. Gleba has had a major impact on the professionalism education of CAS members and his efforts internationally reflect a commitment to helping the CAS achieve its Centennial Goal. After his tenure as chair of the Committee on Professionalism Education, he stayed on the committee to continue working on international offerings of the professionalism courses.   

A Career of Volunteer Service
While the Above and Beyond Achievement Award recognizes short-term contributions, the Matthew Rodermund Service Award is intended to recognize two CAS members annually who have made significant volunteer contributions to the actuarial profession over the course of a career. The award was established in 1990 in honor of Mr. Rodermund’s years of volunteer service to the CAS.   

The CAS Nominating Committee selected Mr. Patrik for the Rodermund Award in part because of the breadth of his volunteer contributions to the CAS. Over a 20-year volunteer career, Gary served on the Examination committee as well as publications and research committees. He chaired the Committee on Theory of Risk from 1982 to 1988, and chaired the Dynamic Financial Analysis Task Force in the mid 90s, leading the CAS efforts in a growing area at the time. He also served as a Regional Affiliate president, among his many contributions.

“This may sound obvious and trite, but remember that your profession largely defines who you are,” commented Mr. Patrik. He implored his fellow CAS members to “Volunteer. Do something good for your profession—not only for the larger society but for yourself.”

Like Mr. Patrik, Mr. Hafling’s contributions spanned the organization. He chaired six different committees for the CAS, had a 12-year run on the Examination Committee, and served six years on the Long Range Planning Committee, along with many other volunteer activities.

Mr. Hafling expressed his appreciation for those who supported his volunteer work. He commented, “I thank the CAS for recognizing my service. Because I benefited from my volunteer work as much as the CAS did, I also thank the CAS for providing opportunities to serve. I also thank Bob Anker, who was my boss for many years. Bob encouraged and supported the volunteer work performed by the many actuaries for whom he was responsible. I ask that members who are responsible for managing and directing the work of other CAS members follow Bob’s example and encourage and support their volunteer service to the CAS. Finally, as I accept this award, I remember my wife, Ann, who sadly has passed away and cannot hear the words of thanks that she deserves. I would never have been able to serve the CAS without Ann’s support and understanding.”

Help the CAS recognize outstanding volunteers by nominating a worthy member for the 2010 Above & Beyond Achievement Award or Matthew Rodermund Service Award when the call for nominations is announced this spring.   

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