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New Fellows Honored at the CAS Spring Meeting

New Fellows
Row 1, left to right: Peter H. D’Orsi, Patrick Beaulieu, Lori A. Moore, Hong Tao Wang, CAS President John Kollar, Malika El Kacemi-Grande, Queenie W.C. Huang, Danielle J. Aufiero, Josy-Anne Tanguay. Row 2, left to right: Matthew D. Sharp, Lawrence J. McTaggart, Matthew Miller Crotts,David Matthew Lang, Jason A. Flick, John E. Kollar, Alejandro Morales, Keith J. Champagne, Andrew P. Kempen, Elisabeth Picard-Courtois. Row 3, left to right: Alexander Peter Maizys, Karen M. Commons, Frank H. Chang, Xiang Ji, Jennifer Lee Niles, DuoDuo Cai, Maheswaran Sudagar, Eric L. Murray, Emily Christine Barker, Nathan William Root, Zhi Jian Chen, Gabriel Matthew Ware.

New Fellows not pictured: Jason A. Cabral, Michael Keryu Chen, Gregory R. Chrin, Lyndsey J. Schwegler, Bradford J. St. Pierre, Ya-Feng “Felicia” Wang.

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