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Grants Competition Leads to $19,200 in Research Funding

As part of its goal to advance the power of actuarial science through research, The Actuarial Education and Research Fund (AERF), which is administered by The Actuarial Foundation, holds an annual grants competition to seek out new research projects to sponsor. The 2009 Individual Grants Competition brought in many interesting and worthwhile proposals. As a co-sponsor of the competition, the CAS chooses to partially or fully fund any research projects that seem promising and useful to the property and casualty field. After reviewing all of the proposals submitted by the authors, the CAS AERF Grants Task Force, chaired by Linda Howell, determined that four projects were particularly useful to the CAS and agreed to provide funding totaling $19,200 for these projects.   

The four projects receiving CAS funding are:   

  • “Regime Switching Models: Applications to Mortality Modeling and Pricing” by Andreas Milidonis, Samuel Cox, and Yijia Lin   
  • “An Empirical Investigation of CDS Spreads using a Regime Switching Default Risk Model” by Andreas Milidonis   
  • “Copula Regression” by Rahul Parsa   
  • “Modeling Driver Culpability in Multiple-Vehicle Collisions Using Conditional Regression” by Eric Weibel

Completed papers are expected to be submitted to either Variance or the North American Actuarial Journal upon completion and will be available on the CAS Web Site.   

For anyone interested in participating in the 2010 Individual Grants Competition, letters of intent are due in October. More information can be found on The Actuarial Foundation’s Web Site. If you would like to help review proposals for the AERF Grants Task Force, contact the CAS Office.   

The Actuarial Foundation is happy to accept donations. Contributions will further the efforts of the AERF and aid in other worthy projects.

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