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CAS Implements New Sponsorship Program

In recent years, the CAS Board has expressed concerns about increases in dues and meeting and seminar registration fees. To explore new sources of CAS revenue, the board established the CAS Revenue Opportunities Task Force and charged it with considering how to increase non-dues revenue for the CAS consistent with its vision and mission. In particular, the board encouraged the task force to consider implementing a sponsorship program.   

To assist with this effort, the task force engaged a sponsorship consultant who conducted extensive research and interviewed CAS leaders, members, and staff, as well as current and prospective sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers.   

Based on the research, the task force focused on developing a sponsorship program that maintained the traditional tone and objectivity of the CAS while allowing for an array of opportunities for exposure to property/casualty actuaries.   

In March 2009, the board approved the task force’s proposal to launch an integrated sponsorship program. The program is designed to accommodate sponsors of all sizes and types, with a variety of marketing budgets and goals, including general awareness and visibility, product sales, recruitment, and expressions of support for the actuarial profession and the CAS.   

The new sponsorship program is built around Society Partners, firms that demonstrate a commitment to the CAS and its mission by making an annual financial pledge to supporting CAS activities. A Society Partnership runs for 12 months from October 1 to September 30, coinciding with the CAS fiscal year. To receive the exclusive benefits of this program, Society Partners must commit to a certain level of support at the beginning of the fiscal year. Three tiers of partnership are offered.   

The Society Partners Program provides year-long exposure and maximum flexibility to customize the exposure within the company’s annual commitment level. Society Partners may choose exhibit and sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year to suit their budget and marketing mix. Society Partners will enjoy discounts on the cost of these opportunities.   

In addition, Society Partners will receive additional exclusive value-added benefits commensurate with their investment level. These additional benefits include complimentary meeting or seminar registrations, distribution of promotional handouts to event attendees, and a complimentary job posting on the CAS Web Site. Also, Society Partners will be recognized as such in the Actuarial Review, CAS weekly e-mail bulletin, and during the business sessions of the CAS Annual and Spring Meetings.   

Companies that are unable to commit to the level of investment required to become a Society Partner are still invited to take advantage of exposure opportunities at individual CAS events. In 2009-2010, these events include the 2009 CAS Annual Meeting, 2010 Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar, 2010 Reinsurance Seminar, 2010 CAS Spring Meeting, and 2010 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar. Details on sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities available for these events are available on the CAS Web Site.   

The Society Partners Program is designed to help firms build and maintain year-round relationships with CAS members. The new program allows firms to carry out their marketing objectives in ways never available before while developing a unique relationship with CAS members and the actuarial profession as a whole. Contact Mike Boa, Director of Communications and Marketing (703-562-1724 or, to learn more.

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