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Webcast To Focus on ERM Best Practices

Global Actuarial Community Sponsors Event

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a unique field that is developing in all parts of the world, creating a global community of practitioners. The Global Best Practices in ERM for Insurers and Reinsurers Webcast, scheduled for December 1, 2009, will outline emerging ERM practices from different geographical regions. This Webcast will include speakers from Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, who will offer insight into ERM best practices.

The objectives of this Webcast are to

  • disseminate and promote global ERM best practices to the actuarial community,
  • offer accessible information about ERM to actuaries, and
  • facilitate the discussion of practical and theoretical ERM issues and possible solutions.
The Webcast is designed for:
  • actuaries who are currently employed or consulting in the ERM area for insurers or reinsurers
  • actuaries and actuarial students who wish to get exposed to ERM practices so they can better participate in ERM programs in the future
  • nonactuarial risk officers

The Webcast is the cooperative effort of the global actuarial community. Sponsoring organizations include the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom, the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, the International Actuarial Association, the Institute of Actuaries of Japan, the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong, and the Joint Risk Management Section of the Casualty Actuarial Society, Society of Actuaries, and Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Stay tuned for more details. More information will be available soon and announced in the CAS weekly e-mail bulletin and on the CAS Web Site.   

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