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Humor Me
The Actuarial Summer Block-Buster Movie Guide
By Michael Ersevim 

Land of the Lost

In this remake of the 1970s television show, Will Ferrell plays an actuary who becomes stranded in ancient Florida, filled with sinister reptilian creatures and misguided regulators and legislators. In the movie’s big hurricane scene, the amazing special effects almost make you believe that surplus could be entirely wiped out by one big storm. Special subsidized ticket price for coast-line residents: $1. Release date: sometime between June 1 and November 30, 2009. Rated “NC-17” for horrifying amounts of exposure.   


The latest animated film from Pick-sar follows the adventures of a cranky old actuary and his floating integer calculator. Delightful and humorous without being sappy, we come to see how the LDF picks of some older actuaries tend to be so high. Features the voices of Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai, and John Ratzenberger. Release date: May 29, 2009. Rated “X” for multiplicative methods.   

Prince CASpian

The success of The Chronicles of SarBox-ia: The Sighing, the Twitch, and the War-Room certainly ensured we’d be seeing a sequel of Orwellian proportions detailing the excruciating monotony of Sar-Box documentation. Watch as the protagonist, Prince ACASpian leads a band of plucky young interns through a maze of endless meetings, complex guidelines, marathon walk-throughs, and snapping binders. Not for the faint of heart. Release date: Not soon enough. Rated “PG-13” for gratuitous paper cuts, pinched fingers, and some rough auditor language.        
Popcorn/Movie Reel


The first animated film ever produced about re-insurers. Watch as good-hearted Monsters from America attempt to verify the surplus and capacity of reinsurers from all continents. Filmed in true high-def 3-D, the difference between reinsurance accounting and deposit accounting becomes stunningly apparent. Release date: August 5, 2009. Rated “G” for captive audiences.   


The fourth film in The FASB and the Furious franchise, this one takes place between the 163rd and 164th pronouncements. When Tom “IRIS-test” Doretto returns to L.A., he once again comes into conflict with accounting regulations. But soon he is forced to work furiously to restate his company’s assets under fair value accounting. Release date: July 1, 2009. Rated “TI” for the temporarily impaired.   


Marvel Comics takes on what has long been a difficult plot line to bring to life. This action-oriented film portrays the story of a lone actuary, made to work long hours and forced to hide excess profits in the company’s reserves. After a particularly frustrating call with an insurance commissioner, he turns from mild-mannered actuary into his alter ego, The Incredible Bulk. Larger than life and full of scenes of office cubicle destruction, this Technicolored superhero can stuff more money into reserves than any human possibly could. Release date: July 1, 2009. Rated “R” for strong reserving.

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