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Manchester, England, to Host 38th ASTIN Colloquium in July

ASTIN invites you to come to Manchester to learn about emerging issues, Solvency II, and ERM at its annual colloquium. The opening session will be presented by Professor Julia Slingo, the eminent climate change professor in the U.K. Manchester and its attractions are heavily featured in the social and accompanying persons program.

The Actuarial Profession is hosting the 38th ASTIN Colloquium at the historic Town Hall in Manchester on July 13-16, 2008. ASTIN is the section of The Actuarial Profession for non-life (general insurance or property/casualty) actuaries and researchers worldwide and is the only actuarial organization of its kind in the world. Its annual colloquium is the top international conference bringing together academics and practitioners with mutual interests in the field of non-life insurance and insurance enterprise risk management. The breakout sessions will offer plenty of opportunities for discussion on the practical applications of the papers presented while still accommodating the theoretical debate for which ASTIN is well-known. Members of the actuarial professional can claim up to 15 hours continuing professional development credits.

For more information about the conference and to register, please visit, or Actuarial Studies in Non-life Insurance, is a section of the International Actuarial Association, which is part of The Actuarial Profession.   

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