Future Fellows - March 2008
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Developments on CAS Future Education Strategy

By Timothy K. Pollis, FCAS, Vice Chairperson, Candidate Liaison Committee

Last summer, the CAS Board discussed a potential plan for revisions to the Basic Education curriculum. (See Item XIII at http://www.casact.org/about/governance/bod/061707min.pdf). The proposal includes moving some CPCU material to an Internet course, consolidating Exams 5-9 into four exams, and adding a Capstone Seminar. The Capstone would be a 3-5 day limited attendance seminar, where candidates would gain deeper understanding and hands-on experience with specified topics, e.g., predictive modeling or ERM.

Following its discussion, the board asked the Syllabus Committee to come up with recommendations on how the topics could be arranged in such a system, noting that the Syllabus Committee was not bound to accept any or all parts of the board’s suggested redesign plans. The options include increased use of Internet-based courses for some material, rearrangement of topics (for example, moving some material from Exam 9 to Exam 5), using a Capstone, and increasing coverage of Capstone topics within the current framework.   Once the Syllabus Committee finalizes its recommendations in early March, it will forward them to the board for consideration.   

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