Future Fellows - March 2008
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Simplify One Aspect of the Exam Process and Register Online!

By Caitlin Jennings, CAS Communications Coordinator

Studying for a CAS exam is stressful enough, so who needs the added anxiety of worrying about whether your exam registration was lost or delayed in the mail? When you register for exams through the CAS Web Site, the form is securely transmitted immediately, so you don’t have to wonder if the fax went through or the postal service delivered it on time. You also receive an immediate confirmation of your submission of the registration form.   

In addition to the comfort of a confirmation, future registrations will be a breeze as your name and address are pre-populated on the registration form for exams, meetings, and any other CAS offerings after you log in. Your username and password also give you access to password protected areas of the CAS Web Site such as the Member Directory and the Change of Address form.        

In order to register online, however, you must first submit an Electronic Signature Authorization Form (ESAF). By signing the ESAF, you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations related to the examinations. It will also provide a signature of record for comparison to signatures on the individual examination envelopes. Unless you have a name change, the ESAF only needs to be submitted once.   

What are you waiting for? Submit your ESAF today by downloading it at http://www.casact.org/admissions/esaf.pdf. You may type directly into the form and print it out, or print it out to complete it. Don’t forget to sign it!   

The form can be mailed or faxed to the CAS office:
     Casualty Actuarial Society
     4350 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 250
     Arlington, VA 22203
     Fax: (703) 276-3108

Please allow three weeks for your submitted ESAF to be processed. When the processing has been completed you will be notified, and then you will be able to use the username and password that you indicated on the form to register the easy way—online!   

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