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Halpert, Weinstein, and Gonwa Win Reserves Prize


Halpert and Weinstein Aaron Halpert and Scott Weinstein   , along with coauthor Christopher Gonwa, won the 2001 Reserves Prize for their paper, "Evaluating Reserves in a Changing Claims Environment" at the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar on September   10 in New Orleans. The Reserves Prize is awarded to the authors of the best paper submitted in response to a call for   papers regarding reserves whenever the CAS conducts the program. A specially appointed committee judges the papers on the basis   of originality, research, readability, completeness, and other factors. Recipients need not be CAS members. The amount of   the Reserves Prize is determined annually. This year's prize paper and other papers presented at the CLRS can be found in the   2001 Fall Forum or on the CAS Web Site under "Publications."   

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