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Carlson and Schultz Elected to Executive Council

Arlington, Va.—During its September 13 meeting, conducted via conference call, the CAS Board of Directors voted   to elect Christopher S. Carlson as vice president-programs & communications and   Roger A. Schultz as vice president-continuing education. Carlson succeeds   David R. Chernick and Schultz takes over for   Abbe S. Bensimon. Both Chernick and   Bensimon completed three-year terms on the Executive Council.

Christopher S. CarlsonCarlson received his CAS Fellowship in 1990 and has an extensive background in CAS programs, most notably serving   on the Ratemaking Seminar Committee, which he chaired, and the Committee on Ratemaking. Carlson has been actively   involved with the latter committee since 1990, serving as vice chairperson (1993-1994) and chairperson (1994-1997). Other CAS   activities include serving on the Examination, and Research Policy and Management Committees, as well as the Task Force   and Committee on Volunteer Resources.

   Schultz is a 1988 CAS Fellow, who currently chairs the Committee on Volunteer Resources. He has been a member of   the Committee on Professionalism since 1993, serving as vice chairperson (1995-1996) and chairperson (1996-1999). He was   a member of several other committees throughout the 1990's, including Ratemaking Seminar, Syllabus, and Examination. He   has also served on two task forces, Volunteer Resources and Membership Survey, and was the liaison to the American Academy   of Actuaries Council on Professionalism (1997-1998).

The Board of Directors reelected the five other vice presidents on the 2000-2001 Executive Council for 2001-2002.   These vice presidents are Sheldon Rosenberg (Administration),   Mary Frances Miller (Admissions), LeRoy A.   Boison (International), and Gary R.   Josephson (Research and Development).   

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