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Profession-Wide Effort Promotes Actuaries as Chief Risk Officers

The CAS and Society of Actuaries, in cooperation with other leading actuarial organizations, have launched a public relations campaign to promote the establishment of the Chief Risk Officer position in businesses throughout the United States and Canada. The campaign will educate the market about the actuarial skill set to position actuaries as the best choice for this critical role.

Shaking Hands

The program goals include:

  • Generating business press attention to the call for       corporate boards to require objective, integrated assessments of risks in       public companies;   
  • Educating business leaders on the role of a CRO and       how this evolving profession can add strategic competitive value to a       business as well as protect share holders from significant financial crisis;       and   
  • Explaining how actuaries are in a unique position to fill the role of CROs       and how their training, perspectives, and experience bring a distinctive value       to this emerging field and specific advantages to the governance and management       of companies.

In addition to the CAS and SOA, partners in the publicity program include the American Academy of Actuaries, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries. Ruder-Finn, an international public relations firm with strong experience in financial, corporate responsibility, and ethics issues, is providing professional support to this initiative.

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