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CAS Recognizes Members With "Above and Beyond Achievement"

Feldblum, Halpert, and Struppeck Honored

The CAS awarded the first annual Above and Beyond   Achievement Award (ABAA) to Sholom Feldblum, Aaron M. Halpert, and Thomas Struppeck. The ABAA celebrates the spirit of volunteerism by recognizing one or more CAS members each year who have made recent contributions that are conspicuously above and beyond what is normally and reasonably expected. The winners receive a commemorative plaque and their choice of several gifts selected from the Tiffany & Co. catalog.

Feldblum is recognized for his work improving the actuarial profession. In the last year, he has written or co-written three papers to be published in the 2003 Proceedings and has one discussion paper currently before the Committee on Review   of Papers. In fact, Feldblum's public praise (see The Actuarial Review, November 2002) of the "above and beyond" work of another actuary who reviewed one of his papers was one of the inspirations for creating the ABAA.

Halpert is acknowledged for his leadership in winning approval for a combination of two proposed goals that he synthesized into a single, integrated Centennial Goal. Halpert shepherded the combined goal through a subcommittee of the Long-Range Planning Committee, which he chaired, and through the full Long-Range Planning Committee. Halpert spoke eloquently in a presentation on the Centennial Goal at the CAS Leadership Meeting.   

As chair of CAS Exam 3, Struppeck is recognized for his work, performed on short notice, preparing a staffing plan for the Exam 3 Committee, helping train new members, and taking the leading (and largest) role in assembling questions for the exam. Struppeck exceeded the amount of work normally expected for an exam chair.

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