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CORP-Accepted Papers Posted on Web

The CAS Committee on Review of Papers has released its quarterly update of recently accepted papers. The listing below includes authors who have been invited to present papers at the 1999 CAS Annual Meeting. The CAS appreciates the authors' contributions to actuarial literature. Electronic versions of the accepted papers are located on the CAS Web Site at The CAS Editorial Committee is currently editing these papers for inclusion in the Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society. As of October 18, 1999, CORP has accepted the following papers:

  1. "The 1998 Table of Insurance" by William R. Gillam*

  2. "Downward Bias of Using High-Low Averages for Loss Development Factors" by Peter Wu

  3. "Modeling Losses with the Mixed Exponential Distribution" by Clive L. Keatinge*

  4. "Residual Market Pricing" by Richard B. Amundson

  5. Discussion of "Aggregation of Correlated Risk Portfolios: Models and Algorithms" by Shaun Wang—by Glenn Meyers

  6. Discussion of "Loss Prediction by Generalized Least Squares" by Leigh J. Halliwell—by Dr. Klaus D. Schmidt

  7. Discussion of Discussion of "Loss Prediction by Generalized Least Squares" by Halliwell—by Michael D. Hamer

  8. Author Response to Discussions of "Loss Prediction by Generalized Least Squares"—by Leigh J. Halliwell

*Posted last quarter; presenting at the 1999 CAS Annual Meeting

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