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Fellows Amend CAS Constitution

In balloting conducted during June 21-July 31, 1999, the Fellows of the Society approved all changes to two articles of   the CAS Constitution proposed by the Board of Directors.

Article IV (Officers) was revised to delete the specification of   five vice presidents, leaving it up to the Board to determine the number of vice presidents. This article was also modified to indicate that a vice president shall also serve as secretary and treasurer, rather than specifying that the vice president-administration will serve in those capacities.

A new sentence was added to Article VI (Executive Council) to read: "The number and duties of the vice presidents shall be determined by the Board of Directors."

These changes provide greater flexibility to respond to changing conditions. The Board has now approved a sixth vice president to oversee the growing international activities of the CAS (see story, page 1).

The revised Constitution became effective on July 31, 1999. It is posted on the CAS Web Site in the "About CAS"section under "CAS Policies" and will be included in the 2000 CAS   Yearbook.   


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