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University Liaison Program Volunteers Needed

The University Liaison Program for the 1999-2000 school year is underway with 82 CAS members who volunteered to   be liaisons to colleges and universities. The goal of the program is to have a liaison for each school with a professor enrolled in   the CAS Academic Correspondent Program, and there are over 50 schools that are in need of volunteers. For a complete list   of schools currently without liaisons, see If you live within close proximity of,   graduated from, or are willing to work with one of the schools, please consider volunteering.

The University Liaison Program, sponsored by the External Communications Committee, matches CAS members   with academics to provide the academics a one-on-one contact with a practicing actuary. A likely duty of the liaison would be to   visit the academic's school to make a presentation to students about the casualty actuarial profession. Liaisons are encouraged   to creatively explore other possible duties through conversations with their academic contact. These duties could range   from answering questions via e-mail about the examination system or a CAS   Syllabus reading, to reviewing course descriptions   and consulting on the direction of the school's actuarial science program.

Liaisons are provided with a Speaker's Kit, some direction as to possible programs and activities to consider, and   career information to distribute to students at the school. An e-mail discussion list has been established to facilitate the sharing of   ideas among liaisons. In addition, a breakfast meeting for program participants will be held during the CAS Annual Meeting in   San Francisco to discuss experiences and success stories.

If you are interested in learning more about the program and working with a particular school, or if you have an   existing relationship with a school but are not already part of the program, please contact Mike Boa, Communications and   Research Coordinator at the CAS Office (703-276-3100 or   


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