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25 Years Ago in The Actuarial Review
Setting Goals for Strength and Influence
Paul E. Lacko 

The following article, which appeared in the May 1979 issue (.pdf) of The Actuarial Review, illustrates our association's long-standing aspiration to improve.

CAS Planning Committee Seeks Strengthened and More Influential Society   

More strength and more influence for the CAS are the broad goals set by the Long Range Planning Committee, according to the report present by its chairman, George Morison, at the Society meeting in November. Mr. Morison listed seven specific goals, and elaborated on them, indicating that they probably can be achieved by specific actions in differing time spans.

The seven goals are:

  1. To initiate and support research in those areas of property and casualty insurance where casualty actuaries are especially qualified.
  2. To establish committees on actuarial subjects, where appropriate, and to intensify the work of such existing committees as the Committee on Loss Reserves and the Committee on Theory of Risk.
  3. To prepare public statements on matters that involve actuarial content or that are actuarial in nature.
  4. To expand the applications of casualty actuarial science beyond traditional fields.
  5. To educate member as well aspirants.
  6. To undertake public relations efforts aimed at identifying the casualty actuary and his areas of special qualification.
  7. To maintain high levels of professional conduct."

Did we achieve these goals? Do we achieve these goals? Does the Centennial Goal restate them or supersede them?

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