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From The President
Our Time to Shine
Paul Braithwaite 

Last issue I wrote about new challenges and ideas for the CAS. For this issue I'd like to write about an opportunity you have to get involved with one of the newest and most exciting ventures of the CAS.

The word is out—and chances are, you have already heard about the new CAS journal. You've probably heard about the level of excellence it expects to reach, the quality of papers it hopes to publish, and the global implications it strives to have. And maybe you have even entered the "Name that Journal!" contest featured on the CAS Web Site.

If by some small chance you have not heard the news, then here it is—the CAS is launching a new peer-reviewed journal that will feature papers on practical casualty actuarial research from around the world, as well as theoretical research at the frontier of casualty actuarial science. (Effective with the 2005 Proceedings, which will be distributed in Fall 2006, the CAS will stop publishing peer-reviewed papers in the Proceedings. Instead the Proceedings will combine the formal records of CAS activities with material that is currently published in the Yearbook, except for the Membership Directory, which will be published separately and available by request.)

The Journal is not only revamping its look and feel, but working to expand its reach to maintain its role as the exemplary source of casualty actuarial science globally. We will also maintain the highest standards for applied and technical professional articles. As you continue to pursue your actuarial research and prepare those articles, consider the new Journal as the place to publish. Your fellow members and the other professionals around the world who read it have come to expect the best from us. You should be a part of that.

This journal will have an enormous, positive impact in the world of casualty actuarial science, and I know you, as members, will feel a sense of pride and responsibility. That is why I'd like to encourage you to become authors for the new journal. Our organization was built on and continues to create precedents in volunteering. It's what makes us great, keeps us on our toes and creates a professional yet pleasant environment. Our volunteer efforts make the CAS a great organization. This journal, being at the frontier of our global initiatives, provides us with yet another chance to volunteer for a good cause—a chance to write papers full of practical, applicable knowledge that will be shared all over the world.   

In addition, it will continue to move us to our Centennial Goal to be recognized as a global organization dedicated to education, research and practical knowledge.

In a nutshell, it is our chance to shine.

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