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Risk Management Section Growing

The rapid growth will help the Section to achieve its primary 2006 objectives of expanding enterprise risk management (ERM) educational opportunities, fostering risk management research, and supporting the initiatives in promoting actuaries as risk managers.   

The work of the section is accomplished by its teams, and the additional CAS members will help get the work done while providing a casualty perspective. The teams include:

  • Membership Value   
  • Communications and Publications   
  • Newsletter   
  • Continuing Education   
  • Basic Education   
  • Risk Management Research   
  • Marketplace Relevance   
  • Professional Community
The Research Team provides support and direction to several specific initiative-related research committees, two of which are led by CAS members. Mark Verheyen chairs the Operational Risk Management Committee, while Michael Belfatti chairs the Standard Risk Management Terms Committee.   

Overseeing all of these activities is the Section Council, which includes CAS Fellow Kevin Dickson, who was elected to a three-year term that began in November 2005.   

In addition to the chance to be on the front line in advancing actuaries in the risk management arena, members of the section enjoy other benefits, such as receiving invitations to section networking events like the one held during the 2005 CAS Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Vice President-Risk Integration and ERM John J. Kollar led a discussion over breakfast with about 25 early-risers about the value that casualty actuaries can bring to the risk management profession.   

Section members also receive Risk Management, the section newsletter, and e-mail communications announcing upcoming research, projects, continuing education events, and other activities. In fact, the CAS has established its own e-mail distribution list for its members of the section. The CAS's ERM Interested Parties e-mail list will be used to facilitate communication among the CAS members interested in ERM. Anyone is welcome to be on the list. Contact Mike Boa at to join the the e-mail list.   

More information about the section, including an application form to join, can be found on the CAS Web Site at

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