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"Rebuild Math Classrooms" Program Makes Progress
With the gifts of so many individuals and organizations, the "Rebuild Math Classrooms" effort is making a difference one school at a time. The purpose of this effort is to provide funding to schools located along the Gulf Coast to replace math equipment and supplies that were damaged during hurricanes Katrina and Rita. As a math-based profession, actuaries have an opportunity to offer direct assistance to math teachers, who can then help their students continue their math education in the aftermath of devastating losses.

The Actuarial Foundation continues to seek donations for the Rebuild Math Classrooms effort as schools along the Gulf Coast rebuild. For stories of schools already funded with actuarial support or to make a donation, visit their website.
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Calling Chicago Actuaries
The Actuarial Foundation and Junior Achievement of Chicago are in need of 50 actuaries to mentor high school students in five Chicago-area high schools.

For more information on becoming a mentor in the Chicago Junior Achievement Program or any of our other ASA programs, visit our website.   

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