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CAS To Unveil New Web Site Design
Jen De Marr, CAS Web Site Manager  

The CAS staff and the Committee on Online Services (COOS) are working together on a redesigned CAS Web Site, which will be launched during 2006. The redesign will offer improved navigation and allow CAS members and candidates to personalize their visits, among other enhancements.

The last time the CAS Web Site was redesigned was in 2001. Since then, many Web site standards have changed with the evolution of new Internet technologies. COOS is making an effort to redesign the Web site to enhance the services provided to CAS members and candidates while making it welcoming and open to non-CAS members from around the world.

The most exciting new feature is "My CAS." This new service will allow visitors to tailor the Web site to deliver the content in which they are most interested. Users will be able to specify topical areas of interest, such as reinsurance, and their My CAS page will contain seminar announcements, press releases, newsletter articles, notices to members, and research papers that deal with the topic of reinsurance. In addition, users can select their Regional Affiliate, and that Regional Affiliate's notices will also appear on the My CAS page. It is envisioned that the My CAS page will become the members' and candidates' "home page" on the CAS Web Site.

Other enhancements will include better organized search tools on the home page to allow visitors to quickly find the information they need and a new section dedicated to volunteer activities.

With being the face of the CAS to the rest of the world, maintaining a professional, modern, resource-rich Web site remains a high priority for COOS. Look for the new CAS Web Site in mid-2006.   


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