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U.K. Actuarial Profession Launches
New Actuarial Journal

The U.K actuarial profession will continue to publish the British Actuarial Journal, which will contain the papers presented to session meetings of the Faculty and Institute along with transcripts of the discussions and debates.

The editor of The Annals of Actuarial Science is Professor Mary Hardy Ph.D., FIA, FSA (University of Waterloo, Canada), and the Associate Editors are as follows:

  • Anthony Asher, FIA, FIAA
  • Philip Booth, FIA
  • Andrew Cairns, Ph.D., FFA
  • David Dickson, Ph.D., FIAA, FFA
  • David Forfar, FFA
  • Lane Hughston, D.Phil.
  • Malcolm Kemp, FIA
  • Angus Macdonald, Ph.D., FFA
  • David Muiry, MB, BS, FIA
  • Ragnar Norberg, Ph.D., Hon FIA
  • David Paul, FFA
  • Michael Shelley, FIA
  • Peter Tompkins, FIA
  • Mark Trayhorn, FIA
  • Richard Verrall, Ph.D., Hon FIA
  • Howard Waters, D.Phil., FIA, FFA

The editor invites submissions in any area of actuarial science or practice. In particular, we are interested in papers that are applied in nature. The Annals of Actuarial Science welcomes papers in life insurance; general or property and casualty insurance; pensions; finance; health insurance; insurance economics; and econometrics. Original research, review papers, and case studies will all be considered for publication.

Authors are invited to submit papers for publication in The Annals of Actuarial Science directly to the editor at Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1, Canada, or through email.

For more information (including instructions to authors), visit the U.K. Actuarial Profession Web Site.   



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