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Editor's Notes

The "Actuarial Revue" lives! Joe Pietrazewski, who was awarded the prize for naming the parody, suffered a fit of creative frenzy during a late-night study session and composed a half-dozen articles. We now have enough articles to make a single, albeit short, issue of "Actuarial Revue" a reality. Thanks to you who contributed your time, efforts, and wonderful sense of humor. Time permitting, we will post the "Actuarial Revue" on the CAS Web Site soon after the next issue of AR is mailed.   

The CAS Committee on General Business Skills Education has developed an online list of publications that CAS members might find helpful with respect to the nontechnical aspects of professional actuarial work. The committee wants your suggestions for relevant books and articles.   

More information about the committee and its function will appear in the November issue of AR.   

Speaking of books, the CAS office received a copy of the book The Secrets of Economic Indicators: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities. It was written by Bernard Baumohl and published in 2005 by Wharton School Publishing. Baumohl was an award-winning economics reporter for Time magazine for two decades, and he currently is director of an economics consulting firm. The author says, in his preface, "The subject of economic indicators can be lethally boring because of its impenetrable jargon and reliance on tedious statistics. I realized…that my biggest challenge… was not simply to identify and describe the world's most influential economic indicators, but to make the whole subject approachable and even-dare I say it-interesting." The 366-page book describes dozens of economic indicators, shows samples of many of the published reports, gives the Web sites where you can find them, and discusses why, when, and to what extent different financial markets react to them. Yes, the book is well-written and interesting. Please contact the CAS office if you would like to read or review this book.

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