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The Actuarial Foundation Highlights Accomplishments at CAS Spring Meeting
Paul Braithwaite, CAS President-Elect 

Representatives of the Actuarial Foundation (TAF) were in attendance at the 2005 CAS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, to speak about the good work and many success stories of Foundation initiatives over the past year. As exhibitors, they were on hand to answer questions and share the many successes of the actuarial profession's only independent philanthropic organization. During the CAS Business Session, we heard from three enthusiastic Foundation supporters.   

The first presenter for the Foundation was Bob Anker, CAS past president and current TAF chairman, who provided an overview of the many initiatives and good will efforts that the Foundation's programs encompass. He highlighted the Foundation's research and actuarial education efforts that support leading edge research aimed at the future of the actuarial profession. Anker reviewed the many consumer education activities aimed at providing information to the public, enabling them to find workable solutions to changing economic situations. He also encouraged the audience to consider volunteering to assist with a current consumer project on peril-specific disaster insurance.

The Acturial Foundation Representatives
The Actuarial Foundation representatives, from left to right: Kim Rimbey,
             Bob Anker, and Ken Levine.

Anker introduced Ken Levine to highlight the Foundation's signature program, Advancing Student Achievement (ASA). For the past three years, Levine has volunteered as the lead actuary mentor of the ASA program for Echo Mountain Elementary School in Phoenix. To the dismay, perhaps delight, of some, Levine opened his presentation with an actuarial exam question. This was not a game of "stump the audience" but an example of some of the mathematical concepts introduced to 3rd grade students as they learn about and understand complicated math problems, such as sampling with replacement. Levine expressed his enthusiasm and that of local actuarial volunteers and others in the actuarial community, for the Foundation's Advancing Student Achievement program and its benefit to the students as well as the personal reward or ROV, Return on Volunteering.

   To wrap up the Advancing Student Achievement presentation, we heard a compelling message from Kim Rimbey, math specialist at Echo Mountain Elementary School, an ASA school grant recipient.   Rimbey noted the positive impact the volunteers from the actuarial community were having on the Echo Mountain students. She noted that the ASA grant has allowed the volunteers to implement scientifically based practices in relevant ways for their students. At the end of the first year, Echo Mountain 6th grade students achieved a higher score on the Stanford Diagnostic Test than any other 6th graders in the school district, and the 2nd graders scored among the top 12. Rimbey stressed the significance in this achievement in that they were the only representatives from a "disadvantaged" school to rank in that category, noting that it was highly uncommon to see a school with their demographics place so high in the comparisons.

Rimbey thanked the volunteers, the Actuarial Foundation, and those who contribute to it and strongly encouraged each of us in the audience to volunteer and share our love of math with schools in our communities. "You've heard it said time and again that children are our future," said Rimbey. "In these days of federal education legislation and high-stakes testing, it is vital that we be sure our students are prepared for more than just the test…. we need to prepare them for the future. They deserve nothing less."

The Casualty Actuarial Society, along with the Academy, ASPPA, CCA and the SOA support the Actuarial Foundation. The Actuarial Foundation, the only independent philanthropic organization of the actuarial profession, relies on the financial support of individuals and corporations for the sustainability and growth of programs that help students with their problem-solving skills, aid consumers to understand some of today's most pressing financial issues, and support research projects, scholarships and activities that will ultimately bring greater actuarial benefits to society as a whole. As a supporting organization, the CAS encourages its members to personally support the work of the Foundation.   

To view programs and initiatives of the Foundation or to make a contribution, visit their website or call the Foundation office for more

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