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CAS Publications to Undergo Changes
Curtis Gary Dean, Chairperson, CAS Publications Implementation Task Force 

CAS volunteers and staff are working to update our publications to meets the needs of an expanding casualty actuarial profession. The current process started when the CAS Executive Council agreed that a task force would be formed to develop a set of goals for call paper programs and publications that support and align with the strategic goals of the CAS.   

The Task Force's report and recommendations were accepted by the Board of Directors at their May 2005 meeting. The report is the culmination of years of work gathering information and ideas from multiple sources and then crafting recommendations. The first half of the Centennial Goal was an important driver of the recommendations: "The CAS will be globally recognized as the preeminent resource in educating casualty actuaries and conducting research in casualty actuarial science."

The Proceedings will no longer be the vehicle for publishing peer-reviewed papers. Instead, a soft-cover semiannual journal will take its place. One name being considered for the new journal is the Journal of Casualty Actuarial Science, but the implementation task force is still considering naming options. The focus of the journal will continue to be high-quality applied casualty actuarial science. Feedback from the membership indicates that the applied nature of our publications is highly valued. Although a practical focus will be maintained, publication of significant theoretical research will also be encouraged.   

A soft-cover semiannual journal will get important papers in front of property-casualty actuaries faster. Actuaries and academics worldwide will be encouraged to publish in the journal and CAS membership will not be a requirement for submitting papers. The CAS plans to advertise the new journal worldwide.   

The Proceedings will continue with CAS specifics such as executive council and board of director lists, addresses to new members, presidential addresses, minutes of meetings, financial reports, pictures of new members, and obituaries. The contents of the Yearbook, minus the membership directory, will be moved to the Proceedings. A yearly hard copy Membership Directory will be available to members who request it though we expect that many members will opt to use the more up-to-date online directory.

The Forum will undergo a name change to become The Forum: A Clearinghouse for Expressing Ideas and Stimulating Discussion. This new title more clearly describes the purpose of the publication. It is a non-peer-reviewed clearinghouse for the casualty actuarial community and an open forum for discussion of ideas without the approval or review of the CAS. The eForum Task Force is looking for even more efficient ways to rapidly share new ideas using the Internet as the medium. They are charged with creating an online repository of working papers (non-peer reviewed articles) and models to allow members to expose their new research ideas and receive feedback from the online community.

A formal process will be created to publish monographs. These could be collections of study notes, call papers of particularly high quality and focused on one topic, or other specialized editions. One set of monographs being considered would include volumes of basic educational materials, all located in one, easy-to-access, format.

To help manage the publications process a staff editor of publications will be hired. This will provide more professional assistance to authors and volunteers on the editorial board. When will the first issue of the new journal hit the newsstands? There is plenty of development work to be done, but late 2006 or early 2007 are ambitious target dates that the implementation task force is considering.

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