Future Fellows - December 2017
December 2017, Volume 23, No. 4      

TBE Fast Facts

What: A transition in the format of CAS exams, beginning with Exam 5. The CAS is moving from paper and pencil exams given at an exam center to an Excel-based exam accessed via a virtual desktop on a candidate's computer and overseen by a remote proctor.

When: The spring 2018 exam sitting — May 4, 2018 for Exam 5. The CAS plans to implement TBE for additional exams in fall 2018 and beyond.

Why: To make CAS exams more closely imitate an on-thejob assignment in which actuaries use computers for their work and to mitigate a variety of candidate concerns with the current format of exams, among other factors.

Visit casact.org/tbe for complete details.


CAS Initiates Technology-Based Examination

The CAS is transitioning its exams to a computer- based environment called Technology- Based Examination (TBE). Beginning with Exam 5 in spring 2018, candidates will use Excel to take their exams on personal computers that will be overseen by remote proctors. With this transformation of examinations, the CAS continues to evolve its basic education system. TBE will more closely imitate on-the-job assignments in which actuaries use computers for work, thus making CAS exams more relevant to real-life actuarial practice.

"Implementing TBE shows our continued commitment to adapting the CAS examination system in innovative ways to meet the needs of candidates, employers and other stakeholders," said CAS President Nancy Braithwaite. "The CAS credentials are already proven assets and highly valued worldwide," said Braithwaite. "TBE reinforces the position of the CAS's education system as the most robust and comprehensive framework for training property casualty actuaries in the world."

Candidates will sit for exams in the TBE environment using Excel software on their own computers, and at the location and time of their choosing, within certain parameters. Professional remote proctors administering the exams will monitor candidates through a webcam and microphone throughout the exam sitting.

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