Future Fellows - March 2017
March 2017, Volume 23, No. 1      

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CAS Releases Syllabi for New Modern Actuarial Statistics Exams
By Mike Boa, CAS Chief Communications Officer

The CAS Syllabus and Examination Committee has released the syllabi for two new exams that will be offered as part of the CAS’s revised credentialing requirements in 2018. The new exams, Modern Actuarial Statistics I and II (MAS-I and MAS-II), will address the emerging needs of future actuaries and their employers. The syllabi, which are now available on the CAS website, outline the learning objectives, knowledge statements, and readings that will be covered by the exams.

MAS-I is largely a modification of current CAS Exam S, which it will replace when it is first offered in the spring of 2018. MAS-II will replace the current CAS Exam 4 requirement that is typically fulfilled by most candidates through completion of SOA Exam C, which is being discontinued. MAS-II will first be offered in the fall of 2018.

The discontinuation of Exam C provided an opportunity for the CAS to create a replacement exam that focuses on the modern statistics that actuaries are increasingly using. This will enhance the relevance of the CAS exam syllabus with respect to emerging statistical and analytics skills, with minimal changes to the overall exam structure.

Both MAS-I and MAS-II will be four-hour exams, resulting in practically no net increase in exam hours required for CAS credentials. The exams will be offered every six months, initially as multiple-choice paper-and-pencil exams, in the same general windows in the spring and fall in which other CAS exams are offered.

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