Future Fellows - June 2007
June 2007, Volume 13, No. 2      

Dates to Remember

Summer 2007 Exam Registration Deadline
June 28, 2007
Exam 1/P and VEE Exams

Refund Deadlines for Summer 2007

August 7, 2007
VEE Transistional Exams

August 20, 2007
Exam 1/P
(and cancellation of appointment by noon of the second business day before test appointment)


Fall 2007 Exam Registration Deadlines

There is only one deadline for each set of exams. Late registrations will not be accepted.

September 20, 2007
Exams 3, 6, and 9

September 24, 2007
Exams 2/FM and 4/C

October 4, 2007
Exam 1/P


CAS Seminars and Meetings

CAS Spring Meeting
June 17-20, 2007
Disney's Contemporary Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

ASTIN Colloquium
June 19-22, 2007
Disney's Contemporary Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Limited Attendance Seminar on Loss Distributions
July 16-17, 2007
Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel
Chicago, Illinois

Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar
September 10-11, 2007
Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina
San Diego, California

Discussing Changes in the CAS Examinations
By Arlie J. Proctor, FCAS, MAAA, Examination Committee Chairperson

In 2001, the CAS set in motion a number of initiatives to change the manner in which our educational system operates. Many of these have directly affected the construction, administration, and grading of exams, particularly Exams 5 though 9. The changes have left many candidates and members alike feeling uncomfortable about the process itself and the manner in which candidates should prepare for future exams. As actuaries, we like to look first to the past as a predictor of future events. When the past fails to accurately predict the results we see, we are trained to ask the question, “What changed and how will that affect the future?”

The Examination Committee currently fields a number of questions of exactly that nature. Among the more common are:

  • Why are the pass marks creeping up over time? Doesn’t this indicate that candidates are better prepared and that more should pass?
  • The questions on this exam were very different from prior years’ examinations. What caused the change and will the difference persist in future exam sessions?

While answers to those questions, or at least clues, are available in the vast storehouse of information contained on the CAS Web Site, it is difficult, particularly for newer candidates, to find and interpret them. In order to predict what future examinations will look like and how to prepare for them, it is important to understand four basic changes to the exam system upon which the Examination Committee has been working since 2002.

Got Feedback?

If you have a concern about the admissions process, please send your comments or questions to the CAS Candidate liaison Committee (CLC). The CLC can present your concerns to the appropriate CAS Committee. A feedback link is included at the top right corner of the "Admissions/Exams" page of the CAS Web Site.

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