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Subscriber Program

The Subscriber Program is for non-members (other than Academic Correspondents) who have an interest in the activities of the Casualty Actuarial Society of the United States. Individuals and organizations (for example, companies or regulatory bodies) are eligible for the Program. Enrollment as a Subscriber for 2018 requires payment of $645 U.S. funds and acceptance of the guidelines regarding activities at CAS meetings and CAS sponsored seminars.

Subscribers receive Variance (a scientific journal), Actuarial Review (a bi-monthly magazine), and notices of CAS meetings and seminars. Subscribers may attend CAS meetings and seminars by paying the same registration fee as a member. For an organization, one person may attend each meeting or seminar for each paid subscribership.

An additional benefit to the program is the ability to obtain access to certain password protected areas of the CAS Web Site, such as the searchable Directory of Members and the online dues payment area. Plus, when you "login," meeting registration forms and online store order forms are automatically populated with your name and address. Be sure to indicate your preferred password on the application form.

Subscribership does not bestow upon the designated individual the professional status attained by those fulfilling the examination and other requirements for membership in the Casualty Actuarial Society, nor does it grant to the individual or the participating organization recognition in the regular membership roster of the Society or the privileges of membership other than specified above.

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Posted on 04/20/2018
By Erin Olson

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