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CAS Launches Online University

06/17/2009 —

UCAS  Education is Just a Click Away
According to the results of the recent CAS Quinquennial Membership Survey, members want access to convenient and inexpensive continuing education. The new online University of CAS is designed to meet those needs.

The CAS is repackaging live educational sessions and providing access to these sessions online. This is accomplished by recording sessions from live events, synching the audio with the PowerPoint presentations, and providing online access through an easy-to-use interface.

University of CAS sessions:

  • Are affordable and participation requires no travel or time away from the office.
  • Will assist you in meeting your continuing education requirements.
  • Provide access to more educational resources than ever before, helping you stay current in your areas of practice.

In addition, you will be able to print certificates of completion from the online system as evidence of your participation, and your online UCAS account will allow you to keep a record of sessions attended.

UCAS is part of the CAS’s ongoing commitment to provide professional education opportunities to members and others interested in actuarial practice.

At UCAS, education is just a click away!

Create an account and log-in to begin sessions at UCAS!

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