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Report of the 2008 CAS Quinquennial Membership Survey Task Force

06/16/2009 —

Every five years, the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) conducts a major survey of its members. The results of these membership surveys provide CAS leadership with valuable input that helps shape the short- and long-term direction of the organization.

The 2008 Quinquennial Membership Survey was conducted online during September and October of 2008. The response rate was 50%, with 2,399 members completing the survey.

The Quinquennial Membership Survey Task Force completed its report on the survey results and presented the report to CAS Board of Directors at its May 2009 meeting. The Board approved the recommendation of the CAS Executive Council that the Board receive the report, release the report to the membership, and direct the Executive Council to consider the recommendations contained therein.

The Task Force is pleased to share the survey results with the membership:

On behalf of the Task Force, I would like to thank the CAS members that took the time to respond to the survey.

Please contact Mike Boa, CAS Director of Communications and Marketing, with any questions or comments on the survey report.

Nancy Braithwaite Chairperson, Quinquennial Membership Survey Task Force

Task Force Members:
David B. Bassi
Jacqueline Frank Friedland
Timothy L. Graham
Kenneth L. Leonard
Faith M. Pipitone
Manalur S. Sandilya
Alan R. Seeley
Joanne S. Spalla
David W. Warren
J. Michael Boa, CAS Staff
Todd P. Rogers, CAS Staff

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