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09/16/2008 —

The CAS has lost contact with the following members. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of or how to contact these members, please contact the Actuaries' Resource Center at

  • Dominique Brassier ACAS
  • Chyen Chen FCAS
  • Melanie Fleming-Dihora FCAS
  • Jennifer Hallworth FCAS
  • Russell John FCAS
  • Chung-Kuo Kuo ACAS
  • Robert Mueller ACAS
  • Justin Radick FCAS
  • Douglas Rivenburgh FCAS
  • Sandra Samson ACAS
  • Joseph Sarosi ACAS
  • Christine Steer ACAS
  • Varsha Tantri FCAS
  • Joseph Tasker ACAS
  • Thomas Wallace FCAS

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