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CAS Meetings Are Going Green!

09/08/2008 —

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, all CAS meetings and seminars are now paperless. Paperless meetings are meetings in which session presentations and other materials traditionally given to attendees are not printed and are instead available online.

Paperless events have many benefits. In addition to being green, they make logistics easier for presenters, attendees, and planners. Furthermore, by putting these materials on the Web site, attendees, as well as non-attendees all over the world, will be able to log onto the CAS Web Site at any time and retrieve presentations.

Many session presentations are available online at least two weeks prior to the event so attendees can save them to their computer in advance or download them to zip drives at the onsite cyber café. There is no need to print anything! Finally, attendees will no longer need to lug around all of the presentations or worry about misplacing them.

In addition to session presentations, Lists of Attendees will also be provided electronically, though a few hard copies will be available at the registration desk for quick on-site reference. Evaluations will also be administered online. Printed onsite brochures with hotel maps will still be provided to all attendees but they will be printed with soy-based inks on green-certified paper.

The CAS appreciates attendees’ support in helping to reduce the CAS’s carbon footprint. To do your part in making the world a little greener, remember to download the presentations you want before going to your next CAS meeting or seminar.

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