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Tell your Colleagues about the 2008 CAS Spring Meeting

05/14/2008 —

The 2008 CAS Spring Meeting will feature a number of educational sessions that would benefit insurance professionals beyond actuaries. Point your colleagues to where they can learn more.

In the past, non-members were unable to attend CAS meetings without an invitation from a member, per the “Member-Guest Program” instituted in 1974. The program was rescinded by the CAS Board of Directors by action taken at its March 2008 meeting. This means that non-members are now welcome to register directly for all CAS meetings. Please tell your interested colleagues about this new policy so that they can also benefit from the sessions and networking opportunities provided at the upcoming Spring Meeting and future meetings.

The 2008 CAS Spring Meeting will include sessions on:

  • economic capital modeling
  • catastrophe modeling
  • sustainability risk management
  • the insurance market and cycle
  • mortgage fraud and the subprime lending crisis
  • medical malpractice
  • workers compensation
  • ERM case studies
  • and much more.

In addition to staying current with industry developments, non-members will have plenty of opportunities to meet people working in the actuarial field. Please help spread the word and encourage your colleagues to attend the CAS Spring Meeting!

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