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New CAS Seminar to Replace Seminar on Ratemaking and Predictive Modeling Seminar in 2009

03/18/2008 —

The CAS is constantly assessing its educational programs and last year the CAS formed a Task Force to consider ways to restructure the educational offerings of the Ratemaking Seminar and Predictive Modeling Seminar, because there was extensive overlap between the two events.

The Task Force recommended and the Executive Council approved the idea of building a new Seminar that will draw on the best aspects of the Ratemaking Seminar and the Predictive Modeling Seminar. This new Seminar will recognize and reflect how the role of the actuary has expanded over the past twenty years. It will be an integrated seminar that covers product development, product management, pricing, underwriting, and marketing.

The CAS is now in the process of forming a new Committee to develop the new Seminar, and is recruiting for volunteers. Contact Andy Kudera if you are interested in participating on this new Committee.

The new Seminar will not impact the 2008 calendar of events, which means the CAS will hold the 2008 Predictive Modeling Seminar in October, as scheduled. However, in 2009, the CAS will not offer a Ratemaking Seminar or a Predictive Modeling Seminar, as these offerings will be replaced by the new Seminar. The dates of the new Seminar have not yet been finalized.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions and their responses has been posted to provide additional details.

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