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Explore Becoming an Affiliate Member of the “Actuary of the Future” Section

12/05/2007 —

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First Time Opportunity for Casualty Actuarial Society Members:
Explore Becoming an Affiliate Member of the “Actuary of the Future” Section of the Society of Actuaries

The Actuary of the Future Section within the SOA is a group of professionals who identify and promote new opportunities, skills, and ways of thinking to help actuaries excel in their career journeys. The Section would like to include forward-thinking casualty actuaries in their discussions. If you’re a pioneering actuary—someone who applies traditional actuarial skills in non-traditional ways, someone who’s thought about expanding your actuarial practice into new and exciting areas—become an affiliate member of the Actuary of the Future Section today to participate in pioneering work being done on behalf of the actuarial profession.

Sections within the Society of Actuaries are organized around practice areas or common professional interests. They constitute the core knowledge communities and provide opportunities for grassroots networking opportunities within specialized interest areas of the profession. You may already be familiar with this concept through interaction with the CAS/SOA/CIA Joint Risk Management Section. Risk Management which provides an excellent example of an actuarial specialization where life/health and property/casualty actuaries share a common interest. With this invitation to become an affiliate member of the Actuary of the Future Section, the CAS and SOA are looking to continue this spirit of cooperation and interaction to a new field – non-traditional actuarial career opportunities.

One of the exciting, ambitious initiatives the Actuary of the Future Section has undertaken is an environmental scanning project to identify what’s next for actuaries. By becoming involved with the section, you’ll help your peers determine how actuaries might add value in an increasingly risky 21st century, and what skills may be required to support these emerging career paths. As an affiliate member, you’ll learn about emerging opportunities available to actuaries and develop the skill sets necessary to compete in a changing business world. If you have already undertaken a non-traditional career path, becoming an affiliate member of the section will provide you networking access to your fellow pioneers from all practice areas within the actuarial profession.

To learn more, visit the Actuary of the Future Section’s Web site. Ready to become an affiliate member? Just follow the instructions on the membership form.

Thomas G. Myers, FCAS, ASA, MAAA
Former President, Casualty Actuarial Society

Christopher S. Carlson, FCAS, MAAA
President, Casualty Actuarial Society

Susan R. Sames, FSA, MAAA
Chairperson, Actuary of the Future Section

Andrew H. Dalton, FSA, MAAA
Former Chairperson, Actuary of the Future Section

Bruce D. Schobel, FSA, MAAA
President, Society of Actuaries

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