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05/29/2007 —

At the IAA Council and Committee Meetings held in Mexico City, on Wednesday 18th April 2007, new Officers were elected for the AWF Section:

  • Edward J Levay, Chairman
    Bob Conger, Vice Chairman
    Fred Rowley, Secretary
    David Parmee, Treasurer



IAA Delegates:

  • Robert Collett
    Luis Huerta


Committee Members:

  • Carla Angela
    Jean Berthon
    Steve Handler
    François-Xavier Hay
    Jean-Michel Kupper
    Jean-Louis Massé


The objective of the AWF Section is to link situations in need of actuarial skills with financial resources and actuarial volunteers to meet those needs. The AWF selects projects for participation. These projects are likely to be in developing countries and are selected on the basis that there is insufficient other funding for the provision of the needed actuarial skills. Please read the Mission and Terms of Reference to learn more.

If you are interested in volunteering your skills and experience, please submit the AWF Section Membership Application to the IAA.

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