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ASB Repeals ASOP No. 16

05/09/2007 —

The ASB has repealed ASOP No. 16, Actuarial Practice Concerning Health Maintenance Organizations and Other Managed-Care Health Plans. You may download a copy of the repeal document from the ASB website. The repeal took effect on April 26.

The ASB Distributes Paper Copies of Documents by Request Only

The ASB has decided to streamline the process of getting information to the actuarial profession by distributing documents through the ASB website and only mailing paper copies on request. This will also ensure that you get ASOPs, exposure drafts, and other documents in a more timely fashion. If you would like a paper copy of a document, please print it from the website. If you do not have access to the website, please call the ASB office at (202) 223-8196 or email Doreen Evans at to request a copy.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the ASB, please contact

Thank you!
Cecil Bykerk
ASB Chair

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