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Call for Volunteers for RBC Working Parties

11/19/2010 —

Two new Working Parties are being formed and need volunteers!

Both Working Parties will advise the American Academy of Actuaries on revisions to the US Risk Based Capital (RBC) formulas. The first one will be researching how to handle dependencies and correlations in the NAIC P&C RBC formula, including the extent to which risk diversification should be reflected in the P&C formula. The second one will be researching approaches for quantifying the reserve and premium risks in the P&C RBC formula.

Working parties bring together a group of interested professionals to focus on a specific research project over the short timeframe of about one year. A written report is usually the end product of a working party. In the case of these two Working Parties, the reports will be designed to provide support to the Academy. All interested researchers are invited to participate, CAS member or not.

More information about the Academy's P&C Risk-Based Capital efforts can be found online.

If you are interested in participating on either Working Party or have any questions, please contact Karen Sonnet at

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