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12/16/2009 —

For an unbiased view of catastrophe modeling and industry best practice, plan to attend the Reinsurance Association of America’s Cat Modeling 2010: Probabilities and Possibilities, February 9-11, in Orlando, Florida. The three-day conference features provocative views from industry professionals, academics and the leading modelers on the scientific, engineering and statistical concepts that form the foundation of catastrophe models and their growing influence on property/casualty risk management. Members of the CAS receive an Association Partner discounted registration rate. Review the program agenda and learn other details about the conference at RAA Cat Modeling.

In other news from the RAA, the 2009 edition of the Historical Loss Development Study will be published in early January. The study presents historical loss development patterns, by accident year, for companies writing casualty excess reinsurance for AL, GL, Med Mal and Workers Comp, and for companies writing high deductible or umbrella insurance. Historical loss development is also presented separately for treaty vs. facultative business, and separately by range of attachment point. The study also discusses how loss development patterns have changed over the last few years, suggests possible reasons for those changes, and also discusses how loss development has varied depending on the circumstances and the nature of the business being considered. More information about the study is available on the RAA Web Site. Contact Ann-Marie Mwombela at to pre-order a copy of the study.

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