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The CAS Committee on Online Services (COOS) is pleased to extend an open call for contributions to the CAS Web Site. The purposes of the call are to:

  1. Promote the use of internet-based technology in the actuarial profession;
  2. Encourage the CAS membership to be actively involved in the CAS Web Site; and
  3. Establish the CAS Web Site as a primary forum for the sharing of actuarial-related news, ideas, and products among CAS members.

The Committee is seeking contributions that use internet-based technology to deliver information that is relevant for actuaries. Examples of such contributions could include online searchable databases, web-based educational mechanisms, or technology designed to address a specific actuarial problem. In addition, contributions that improve current CAS Web Site features are welcome.

Nothing should be submitted that is of a proprietary nature, or which violates antitrust regulations. CAS members and non-members are invited to participate. Contributions should be submitted in a format that can be accessed through the CAS Web Site.

The Committee on Online Services looks forward to receiving proposals in response to this open call, and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties. Questions may be addressed to the attention of the Committee on Online Services at

DISCLAIMER: The CAS makes no warranty or representation regarding the performance of any files submitted to this Spreadsheet Site. Questions regarding any file should be communicated to the person that posted the file on this site.

Many of the files on this Spreadsheet Site contain macros. Many well known viruses are written as macros within spreadsheets. The CAS exposes all Spreadsheet Site files to anti-virus software but makes no claim that every file is virus-free. Download the file at your own risk -- the CAS is not responsible for damages to hardware or software resulting from downloading files from the Spreadsheet Site.

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