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ASTIN Volume 4, No. 2

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February 1967
Volume IV, Part II

The Journal of the ASTIN and AFIR Section of the International Actuarial Association


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Secretarial Notes

Ernest B. Eldridge

Astin Colloquium 1965 Lucerne
Subject one

Regards sur le Développement récent de la Théorie du Risque
par P. Thyrion, Bruxelles

The recent Development of Risk Theory and its Applications
By J. Kupper, Zürich

On the Calculation of the Generalised Poisson Function
by Erkki Pesonen, Helsinki

A Procedure to Compute Values of the Generalised Poisson Function
by Esa Hovinen, Helsinki

Modern General Risk Theory
by Bertil Almer

Some Problems Connected with the Calculation of Stop Loss Premiums for Large Portfolios
by Fredrik Esscher, Stockholm

On Optimal Properties of the Stop Loss Reinsurance
by Erki Pesonen, Helsinki

A Combination of Surplus and Excess Reinsurance of a Fire Portfolio
by Gunnar Benktander and Jan Ohlin, University of Stockholm

Note on the Relation between Compound and Composed Poisson Processes
by Carol Philipson

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