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ASTIN Bulletin

ASTIN Volume 2, No. 3

April 1963
Volume II, Part III

The Journal of the ASTIN and AFIR Section of the International Actuarial Association


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Invitation to the 4th ASTIN Colloquium

Subjects for discussion at the 4th ASTIN Colloquium

Rapport sur de colloque de l'ASTIN á Juan-les-Pins du 23 au 25 mai 1962

Editorial Notes

Invited Lecture

Recent Developments in Economic Theory and their Application to Insurance
by Karl Borch, Bergen


Subject II: Theory of Fire Insurance and its Practical Applications

The Influence of Climate on Fire Damage
by Hans Andersson, Stockholm

Le risque de contiguité dans l'assurance incendie des bâtiments
par Paul Johansen, Copenhague

Estimation of Stop Loss Premium in Fire Insurance
by C. P. Welten, Amsterdam

Subject III: Problems Relating to Exceptional Claims

Individuals Risk Theory and Risk Statistics as Applied to Fire Insurance
by Bertil almer, Stockholm

Spreading of Exceptional Claims by Means of an Internal Stop Loss Cover
by Hans Ammeter, Zurich

A Note on the Most "Dangerous" and Skewest Class of Distributions
by Gunnar Benktander, Stockholm

Recherches sur les gros sinistres en R.C. Automobile France 1948-1955
par P. Depoid et E. Duchez, Paris

Sur la fonction de distribution du sinistre le plus élevé
par Edouard Franckx, Bruxelles

Contribution á l'étude du comportement optimum de la cédante et du réassureur dans le cadre de la théorie collective due risque
par H. Lambert, Bruxelles

On the Difference between the Concepts "Compound" and "Composed" Poisson Processes
by Carl Philipson, Stockholm


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