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ASTIN Volume 1, No. 5

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Editorial Notes

a) ASTIN-Colloquium 1962
b) Réunion de Travail d'ASTIN á Bruxelles en 1960
c) Casualty Actuarial Society
The Utility Concept Applied to the Theory of Insurance
by K. Borch, Bergen

Note on the Background to the Subject: Theory of Risk
by C. Philipson, Stockholm

Some Remarks on a Recent Paper by Borch
by P. M. Kahn Fairfax, California

Caisse nationale suisse d'assurance en cas d'accidents
by H. Koch, Lucerne

Bemerkungen zur Berechnung der Schwankungsrückstellung in der Brandversicherung
by Emmi Hofmeister, Munich

Apercu du champ d'application de la théorie du risque dans l'assurance de choses en Autriche
by L. Neumann, Vienna


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July 1961
Volume I, Part V

The Journal of the ASTIN and AFIR Section of the International Actuarial Association


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