Casualty Actuarial Society


Information on CASNET, The Email List on Casualty Actuarial Topics

What is an email list?
A list of email addresses grouped under one list name. email lists:

  • allow a person to send an email message to one email address and have that message distributed to multiple individuals
  • are used to facilitate discussions between groups of people, or send out broadcast messages without typing individual addresses

What is CASNET?
CASNET is an email list regarding casualty actuarial topics. Subscribers are free to discuss any topic that might be of interest to people who have casualty actuarial science in common. Sample topics could include:

  • research topics,
  • CAS exams,
  • exam passing techniques,
  • CAS business, or
  • actuarial jokes.

How do I join CASNET?
To subscribe to CASNET, please visit the discussion groups area of the online community. Those subscribing to the list are expected to adhere to the guidelines .

If you are a new subscriber, follow the instructions under "How do I join CASNET" above. Once subscribed in digest mode, you will receive a single email message every 24-hours with each CASNET message that was posted the previous day.

How do I send a message to the list?
To send a message to the list, make sure you are a member of that group, address the message to and the message will be distributed to everyone on the list.

How do I remove myself from the CASNET list?
To stop receiving messages from CASNET, you will need to change your settings in that group in the online community.

I’m having problems with CASNET. Who can I contact?
If you have any problems or questions, please email the CAS Office .

Can I view messages that were previously sent to CASNET?
Yes, you may search the CASNET Archive:

Thanks for your interest and participation. After subscribing to CASNET, feel free to send a message to introducing yourself and asking a question or making a comment. If you have further questions about this email list, please contact the CAS Office .