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Below you will find a listing of past webinars. When online information is available, links are provided. A selection of these webinars are available as recordings from the University of CAS.

A Watershed Moment: Private Flood Insurance is Here
Wheels Down
Claim Levels Analytics
Technology-Based Examination Webinar (Asia-Pacific Region)
Cash Flow Case Reserving and Triangle Restatements
Big Data in Insurance
Actuarial Innovator Profile Series: William Wilt
Professionalism – Case Studies
Roadwork Ahead: Mapping the Next Two Years in Insurance Telematics Webinar
Technology-Based Examination Webinar
Professionalism, Politics, and Prediction Error Webinar
The CAS Institute’s Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics Informational Webinar
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Pricing and Underwriting
Cyber Risk Segmentation
Insuring the Future Webinar Rebroadcast
Actuaries' Impact in Technology Implementations
Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: Jim Guszcza
Financial Results Analysis
Workers Compensation and Prescription Drugs
Enhancing the Business Process of Ratemaking
Fun with Bayes
NFIP Update: Sharing US Flood Risk with the Private Sector
Lessons Learned Through the Economic Capital Modeling Process
Trends in General and Trend by Size of Loss in Particular
What Actuaries Need to Know About Data Science Webinar Rebroadcast
Loss Reserving and the Law: What Every Actuary Needs to Know
Insuring the Future
State of Florida Homeowners Market
Predictive Models: Beyond GLMs: Delta Boosting
Professionalism & The Practicing Actuary
Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: Don Mango
The Biggest Problem with Your Pricing Model Is Your Reserving Model
MapQuest for Data Webinar
Emerging Issues: An Underwriting Risk or Opportunity?
What's Driving the P/C Industry? A Look at Economic and Actuarial Trends
Interpolation of LDFs and ILFs
What Actuaries Need to know about Data Science
Climate Change and Infrastructure
Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: Aaron Fezatte
International Standards for the P&C Industry - An Update
Medical Professional Liability: Pricing and Reserving Trends
Keeping Current: Changes to the 2015 SAO P/C Loss Reserves Practice Note
On Beyond CAT Bonds: How Alternative Capital is Reshaping the Reinsurance Industry
Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: John Welch
Introduction to Predictive Analytics
Practical Considerations in Capital Management Reporting
Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Prediction
Professionalism & The Practicing Actuary
Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: Mike Schmitz Innovations in Credit Risk Analysis
How to be an Engaging Technical Speaker Webinar Series Webinar #2 - Techniques for Effective Communication
Capital Allocation. An Evolving History of Thought- A Primer for the Property-Casualty Actuary
How to be an Engaging Technical Speaker Webinar Series Webinar #1 - A Paradigm for Effective Communication
Ride Sharing and Insurance Issues
What's Driving the P/C Industry? A Look at Economic and Actuarial Trends
Homeowner's Telematics
CAS Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: Jason Harger - Innovations in Catastrophe Management
Incorporating Model Error into the Actuary's Estimate of Uncertainty
Reserve Ranges and the SAO
Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: Melissa Salton
Structured Reinsurance Refresher: Motivations, Features, Examples, and Risk Transfer Considerations Webinar
Machine Learning and Its Applicability to Insurance Webinar
An Introduction to Strategic and Operational Risks for Insurers Webinar
Captive Insurance Considerations Webinar
A Loss Simulation Webinar
A Conversation with CAS Leadership Webinar
Actuarial Innovator Profile Webinar Series: Serhat Guven
Professionalism & The Practicing Actuary
Critical Issues in Predictive Modeling - Real World Challenges and Decisions
Analytics and Regulation Beyond GLMs
What's Driving the P/C Industry? A Look at Some Economic and Actuarial Cycles
Automated Vehicles and the Impact on the Insurance Industry
A Conversation with CAS Leadership
Non-Technical Reserving Topics
ORSA Implementation Planning – The Time is Now
International Property and Casualty Markets and Benchmarking
Assessing the Value of Risk Reduction
New Applications for Text Mining
Professionalism & The Practicing Actuary
The IRS Is Knocking: Are You Ready?
Risk Assessment Database / 2012 Update
The Economic Outlook for the P/C Insurance Industry
Stochastic Capital Models and Capital Management, Springboards and Sinkholes for P & C Companies
Usage Based Insurance
Reserve Risk Models: White, Grey and Black Swans
Ranges and Distributions for Unpaid Claims; How they Compare and Contrast
Implementing Value Based Pricing — What and How People Buy
Risk of Material Adverse Deviation Disclosure in U.S. Statements of Actuarial Opinion
Insurance-Linked Securities: Continuing Innovation in Reinsurance Risk Transfer
Introduction to Predictive Modeling in R
An Update on CAS CE Requirements and Opportunities
Price Optimization vs Actuarial Standards
The New NAIC ORSA Requirements – Latest Developments
A Conversation with CAS Leadership
Risk Assessment Database / 2011 Update
Optimal Pricing: Integrating Costs and Customer Behavior
Using Analytics to Improve the Claims Process
A Conversation with CAS Leadership
Arriving at a Loss Ratio for Commercial Umbrella
CERA Designation for CAS Members
Data, Documentation and Disclosure (COPFLR) Webinar
Solvency II - Two Part Series
International Accounting Changes - IASB and FASB Proposals
Commercial Lines Credit Scores and Predictive Modeling Webinar
Webinar on Current CAS Issues
Copulas and Their Applications: Part II
Cyber Risks: Threats, Insurance & Risk Management Principles Webinar
Actuarial Opinions and ASOP Nos. 36 and 43 Webinar
An Introduction to Copulas and Their Applications Webinar
Reinsurance Counterparty Risk - a Transition Matrix / Recovery Rate Approach Webinar
Tightening the Noose: Innovations in Claim Fraud Detection Webinar
P/C Risk-Based Capital: State and International Solvency Regulation Webinar
What’s Shaking in Workers’ Comp Ratemaking Webinar
CAT Bonds and Risk Loads in Property Pricing – Timely Insights & Practical Applications Webinar
Professionalism In Practice: Property and Casualty ASOPs Webinar
The Meteorology Behind Catastrophe Models: Facts and Implications Webinar
Reserve Variability Webinar
An Actuary’s Primer on Accounting Standards Webinar
aRm Yourself for the Future – An Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment
Economic Capital 201 – Aggregation of Risks and Allocation of Capital
Demystifying Business Intelligence for Actuaries Webcast (Co-sponsored by SOA/CAS)
Statements of Actuarial Opinion Webinar
Usage-Based Insurance: Changing the Game Webinar
Actuarial Leadership: A Call to Action Webinar
Raising Your Actuarial IQ (Improving Information Quality) Webinar
Professionalism and the Practicing Actuary Webinar
From Risk to Opportunity – Insurer Responses to Climate Change
Economic Capital 101 - A Primer on Economic Capital Issues for P/C Insurers
Tool for the Appointed Actuary - Case Studies (A CAS/AAA Webinar)
Exposure Draft of the CAS Continuing Education Policy
Measuring Uncertainty of Unpaid Claim Estimates
Webinar on Changes to the CAS Basic Education Structure
Webinar Solvency II
Practical Solutions to Predictive Model Design Challenges
Professionalism and the Practicing Actuary Webinar
Risk of Material Adverse Deviation
Difficult Situations with Reserve Opinions
Reserve Variability

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