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The insurance industry has undergone many changes in the past two years. The events of September 11 have had a significant impact on the insurance industry capital and reinsurance and primary insurance markets. In addition, new exposures such as mold and property damage to electronic databases and other losses associated with e-commerce are generating losses well beyond actuarial expectations. Finally, many companies are expanding their markets beyond the U.S. borders and mergers and acquisitions continue to change the markets within the United States.

Coupled with the changes in the insurance industry, the low returns from the bond markets and the uncertainty in the equity markets have caused many insurance executives to reevaluate their underwriting strategy and appetite for writing high-risk coverage. The industry has seen an increase in failures and forced sales during the past two years. Failures such as Enron will no doubt add to the strain on the industry capital.

This seminar will explore the changes in the insurance industry and how insurers are positioning for the future. Sessions will offer a variety of leadership perspectives from actuaries, brokers, financial analysts, regulators, and executives from the primary and reinsurance markets.

Target Audience
The program is aimed at chief underwriters and actuaries at all levels who desire exploration of new developments in the insurance industry. It will also benefit brokers, risk managers, and other professionals across a wide range of specialties who are interested in learning more about how company leaders are managing the changing insurance industry.