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2001 CAS Seminar on Understanding the Enterprise Risk Management Process
San Franciso, California
April 2-3, 2001

Current Trends In Enterprise Risk Management

What are insurance companies actually doing to implement ERM for themselves? How supportive of ERM are insurance company CEOs? Do they believe it will help them to better manage the risks that their company faces? Tillinghast has recently conducted a survey of insurers, which was designed to answer these questions. The survey results will serve as an introduction to a panel discussion of the insurance industry's implementation of ERM. Panelists will include professionals who are directly involved in implementing ERM at insurance companies. They will share their perspective on the state of ERM for insurers, lessons from successes and failures, and their thoughts on what the future will bring.

Moderator: Stephen P. Lowe, FCAS, MAAA, Tillinghast_Towers Perrin

Panelists: Claus Metzner, FCAS, FSA, MAAA, Zurich Financial Services Group


Chief Risk Officer—A New Breed of High-Flying Executives in Enterprise Risk Management

Over the last decade, the need to integrate firm-wide risk has prompted the rise of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO)—an office that brings together responsibility of all kinds of risks from market to insurance. Our panelists will present their definitions of ERM, the role and difficulties of being a CRO, the biggest concerns for their industry, and their tools to manage firm-wide risks. The panelists will also describe the evolution of their risk management process, the skill sets required for being a CRO, and the potential role of actuaries in the enterprise risk management process.

Moderator: Richard I. Fein, FCAS, MAAA, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Freeman Wood, Ford Motor Company
Pamela G. Rogers, Sears, Roebuck & Co.

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